4 reasons why it's worth getting laser eye surgery

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4 reasons why it’s worth getting laser eye surgery

Posted: Apr 23 2020

Wondering why you should choose laser eye surgery? There are many reasons why this life-changing surgery will be the best decision you make.

Laser eye surgery is extremely rewarding, and the results are practically immediate. Even those with very high prescriptions find a huge improvement in vision 24 hours after surgery!


Whilst playing sport, especially contact sport, glasses can get in the way. They can get easily broken or even cause an injury. Another problem could be losing a contact lens and having to continue the sport with your vision impaired because you forgot to pack your spare lenses. Why not have laser and lessen the risk of all the above? You can continue the sports you love to play worry-free, knowing that none of the above will happen. Sounds like a dream!

Contact lens-free

Contact lenses are the bane of your life! As well as being a complete time-consuming chore to insert them every morning, they can cause all sorts of problems. The risk of getting infections are high especially when they aren’t cleaned or stored exactly as they should be. Infections can mean having to wear glasses for an extended period, which is what you were avoiding in the first place! Laser eye surgery would answer all these problems!


The biggest shock for people is that laser eye surgery can save you a fortune. Most people think laser eye surgery is quite pricey. Surprisingly, if you calculate how much you spend on glasses and contact lenses every year, laser eye surgery is a big saving. You could look at it like buying instead of renting a house, it works out cheaper in the long run. Learn more about laser eye surgery costs and what to consider here.

Better quality of vision and life

Laser eye surgery reshapes the front of the cornea to allow the eyes to focus better than they would do if you wore glasses or contact lenses. You’ll have a much-improved quality of vision – 20/20 or even better! Experiencing vision like this could dramatically improve your quality of life, allowing you to see things with complete clarity. Imagine not having to remember to pack your glasses for driving or glasses for reading whenever you leave the house. How great would it be to be able to check when the next tube is arriving when you’re waiting at the station, read the menu in a restaurant or be able to see to go snorkelling/diving, all without putting your glasses on!?

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